Local Green Space

Charlbury’s green spaces are an important part of the town’s beauty and tranquility. Some provide places for walking, playing and sport, and others may be havens for wildlife or have historical significance. We want to give special protection to these green spaces through the Charlbury Neighbourhood Development Plan so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Local Green Space designation is a way to provide special protection against development for green areas of particular importance to local communities.

Following the town survey and consultation on Charlbury.info, we have drawn up the list of sites below. Owners of the sites have been informed, and the sites are now being assessed to determine whether they meet the criteria (set by the Government) to be formally designated as “Local Green Space”.

List of potential sites for designation as Local Green Space:


The Playing Close

Nine Acres

Cricket Club

Wigwell Nature Reserve

Mill Field

Blenheim Farm Nature Reserve

Centenary Wood (including Ticknell Piece Play Area and Skate Park)

Land between Grammar School Hill and the railway line (from Shilson Lane to Fawler Road sub-station)

Oxpens allotments

Evenlode Close allotments

Clarke’s Bottom


Land & stream behind The Bell

Allotment site near Wellington cottages

Pound Hill Triangle

Field in front of the railway station

Grammar School Green

Field north of Forest Road (between track to Walcot and Railway line)

Land off Narrow Lane

Land behind Lee Place Cottages

Stream next to police houses (Hixet Wood)