Community Action Plan

The Charlbury Community Action Plan Group is a group of volunteers that have been working on actions that the community needs to take, with outside help if necessary, to make Charlbury a great place to live.

The Group is taking forward ideas and concerns put forward in a public meeting in 2014 and the recent Town Survey.  Interim reports have now been produced which together make up our Community Action Plan.  The Group will now be working on putting these ideas into practice, and we would encourage any interested local residents to come forward and lend a hand.

The four sections of the Community Action Plan are as follows:

Living Well in Charlbury

How can we help residents access help and health and care services when they need them?

Interim report, July 2017

Action Plan, July 2017

Getting Around/Street Space/Keep Charlbury’s Heart Beating

How can we support and improve a vibrant town centre?

How to address a widespread concern about the availability of town centre parking for residents and visitors and about the management of traffic flow and traffic speed through and around the town.

Walk, cycle, push survey

Interim report, July 2017

Let’s Get Together, including Learning on our Doorstep

Is there a need for new clubs, interest groups and shared activities? There is also a clear demand for Charlbury to be a local centre for informal learning and opportunities – how could this be achieved?

Interim report, July 2017

Katering for Kids and Kin

Do we need more facilities/activities for young people and their families? – and how to get more views from young people themselves.

Interim report coming soon.

If you have views on any of these issues to share with us, please get in touch by emailing: