How to make Sheep Street more pedestrian friendly

Sheep Street looking south

Sheep Street looking south away from the town centre towards Hixet Wood

Sheep Street is an important route connecting the town centre with the south of the town. Like many other streets in the town, it has narrow, uneven, pavements which can be awkward to use.

How can we make it better?

One possibility may be to resurface and raise the level of the vehicle carriageway to the same level as the pavements – this would make it easier for people to pass on the narrower bits of pavement.

The street could then become a ‘shared surface’ where pedestrians could walk on any part of the road. This kind of street has proved to be safer in many towns and cities because drivers will instinctively slow down as they look out for pedestrians.

Sheep Street in the future image

Sheep Street in the future? A level shared surface with more space for pedestrians

Lines of stones in the centre of the road could indicate a wider area for pedestrians, allowing more space for people to pass each other and even space for benches or tables in summer.

The narrower area for vehicles could be widened in some places to provide parking spaces.

Tell us your ideas

These are just first thoughts.

  • Do you think this would be a good thing to do?
  • Do you think there should be other priorities if funds become available?
  • Is this the best place in the town to start, or are there better places to concentrate efforts?

You can discuss ideas in the forum

3 thoughts on “How to make Sheep Street more pedestrian friendly

  1. clare shakya

    Sounds like a fabulous idea. My mother walks on the street down sheep street and enstone road because the pavements are too uneven for her to cope with. And my son goes everyone on skateboard, so slower safer traffic would give us greater peace of mind about him too.

  2. Helen Bessemer-Clark

    I agree, and think this is a brilliant idea – and what I have been suggesting to the Highways Dept. and Town Council for a long time. The pavements in Sheep Street are mostly unusable, because they are either too narrow for buggies, etc, or cars are parked half way across. Even though some cars are trying to be helpful by doing this, there are still many times when thoughtless parking means large lorries have to scrape their way through. Lets push for this road surface to be turned into a shared surface. It is appalling at the moment, and I too walk up the centre of the road.

  3. Rusti

    Realistically, this attractve-looking plan could not work unless heavy haulage vehicles and the like were banned and a proper access system designed for the whole of Charlbury considered, approved, designed, and engineered. This is not going to happen because it would cost millions to do a proper job. We can’t even get road surfaces mended. In the meantime heavy goods vehicles, and increasingly with infill developments, home food delivery and parcels services, struggle to twist and manoeuvre into tiny spaces, and out again, in what are now completely ridiculous, hazardous, toxic and absurd situations. It would be sensible to bring an end to this craziness. I would like to see a de-centralised waste/ postal/parcel/food hub, as big as it needs for future as well as current use, with town trams (staffed and with parcel space) running between our streets and it. This could also take people to bus and rail stations. Local buses to collect commuters and bring them in and take them home, bikes for those able to cycle in. Sci-fi perhaps, but what else?


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