The Poynton street project – an example for Charlbury?

An innovative streetscape project was completed recently in Poynton town centre in Cheshire, which involved the redesign of several important streets to become more pedestrian friendly.

The busy junction in the centre of town (a busier version of Five Ways in Charlbury) was resdesigned as a shared surface to become more pedestrian friendly.

The project has been very successful and has won several awards for congestion reduction, and was shortlisted for the 2014 ‘Great streets’ award from the Academy of Urbanism.

Above is the 15-minute film ‘Poynton Regenerated’ by Martin Cassini, Equality Streets. This describes the background and outcome of the schemes, the views of local residents, and explores the implications of this groundbreaking project. The film has now been viewed by over 125,000 people, and prompted interest from around the world.

One thought on “The Poynton street project – an example for Charlbury?

  1. Jean Adams

    In Sheep Street drainage would be an issue.
    At Fiveways the existing system works as only a few pedestrians cross here. As long as you are careful it is possible to cross at the end of Wellington Cottages by the Bus Stop and then around the corner or across the grass(providing it is cut) into Fawler Road. Alternatively cross across The Slade, above the corner, walk around the bend and then cross to the South side of Woodstock Road.
    Drivers are warned to slow down before Fiveways and usually know where they are going.
    A roundabout system would be a catastrophe.


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